Joel Alzola

Many people have such inspirational stories of how Crossfit has changed their life for health reasons.  Crossfit has helped people over come sickness, lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle.  Again, all those stories are inspirational and I personally have seen transformations in many individuals health and confidence first hand at Crossfit Dwala over the past year. This continues to be a trend for those who join and it is great to see.

For me my testimonial is a different story. I played college sports and have always been in good shape, keeping fitness at the forefront of my lifestyle.  I don't say this to brag, but to let others know that Crossfit can help meet fitness goals in another way. What Crossfit has done for me is kept things interesting and helped keep the intense workouts in my life that I had become accustom to. It has helped me to continue to be in shape, while exposing my weaknesses, which I love.  For me Crossfit is a sport and you must be well rounded to succeed; therefore giving me something to strive for and to be better at each day, in particular  Olympic lifting.  Crossfit Dwala has helped me to continue to develop these skills and become  a stronger and better athlete at the age of 34. Crossfit Dwala has helped me meet many goals and I continue to grow stronger each day through good coaching from head coah Jake and power couple Tripp and Anne Marie Morris.
More importantly Crossfit develops a sense of community.  I have made numerous friends through Crossfit Dwala and we all share in each others successes and failures.  We help each other meet our goals and conquer our failures and fears.  Crossfit Dwala is a great place that has coaches that not only know what they are doing, but are dedicated to each and every member.   My Dwala story actually started because my previous Crossfit gym was closed for remodel and Jake let me drop in for 3 days to train without any hassle.  I don't even think he charged me.  He just wanted to help a fellow crossfitter out. I soon realized that this is where I wanted to be and Jake and all the Dwala members welcomed me with open arms. If you are looking to get in shape, develop a healthy lifestyle or just looking for a new challenge, I assure Crossfit Dwala can meet these needs.  Great coach, great people and a lot of fun.

Stacy Church

I have always loved working out and being active, but I never really saw results with my body regardless of what kind of exercise I tried. I have tried spinning, step aerobics, weight training, and lots of cardio among other things. I could lose weight but then I would also lose muscle, or keep the muscle but gain weight. When I joined Dwala I was taken right in with open arms, found a great group of friends, and LOVED all of the trainers. Within my first couple weeks training there I even signed up for my first crossfit competition. I also made a diet change to “Paleo” after talking with Jake and other members, but in just 3 or 4 short months training at Dwala I saw changes in my body that I had been trying to get all along! This is a WONDERFUL box, full of great people, even better coaches, and plenty of class times so you can always get in for a workout despite a busy schedule. Jake truly cares about his members and goes above and beyond to accommodate whatever your needs may be, whether it’s help with your diet, entertaining your kids while you workout, or trying to train for your next goal! I LOVE CROSSFIT DWALA!!

Jennifer Wilson

My husband and I had talked about getting healthy for a while, but shortly before Christmas of 2013, I noticed that a CrossFit was opening just down the street from our house. I am in no way an athlete - in fact, I’m very uncoordinated - but I also knew that I needed someone to push me and hold me accountable to so I figured I’d give CrossFit a try.

I walked into CrossFit in January 2014 in the worst shape of my life because I’d been pregnant or raising newborns for the last 6 years of my life. I was finally done having kids and decided it was time to get healthy again and also get back into my regular clothes. Before kids, I was always very petite but after my third, I couldn’t lose the rest of the baby weight. I’d been wearing my maternity clothes 1 year after baby #3 was born because I had a closet full of clothes that didn’t fit and I refused to buy bigger clothes. Because I’m an all or nothing kind of person, we started eating paleo right when we started doing CrossFit because I knew that if I didn’t see results and see results fairly quickly, there was no way I was going to stick to it.
When I first started, I decided to stick to CrossFit for one month before I made up my mind about continuing. I remember waking up and being sore in places that I didn’t know even existed but I kept going. By the end of the first month, my husband and I were hooked. We were at the gym 4-5 times a week. We’re now there 5 or 6 times a week which is crazy because I work full time and have a 6, 4 and 2 year old but we figure it out and make sure that we’re there.

In less than a year, I’m down 23 pounds - or about 20% of my original bodyweight - and feel better than ever. What was first a means to lose weight has now become something that I love and a stress reliever. I even get excited about mastering new skills and getting new PRs.
Jake and the other coaches at CrossFit Dwala are always pushing me which I appreciate. The gym also has a great community - we’re always pulling for each other and pushing each other to do better. The biggest reward, though, is how quickly our kids’ mindset changed about exercise and eating healthy. They have always been active but after seeing their mom and dad get healthy, it’s even more important to them that they are active and eat healthy most of the time

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